PSH0731B - 700w Indoor Lamp

This luminaire is ideal for use in shopping malls, large homes, factories, warehouses, aircraft hangers, indoor sporting arenas and any large indoors space with a ceiling height greater than 15 feet.


Power Consumption: 730w
Brightness: 61000 lumens (Photopic), 81700 lumens (Mesopic) @4500°K
Brightness: 61000 lumens (Photopic), 88900 lumens (Mesopic) @6500°K
Brightness: 58000 lumens (Photopic), 86900 lumens (Mesopic) @7500°K
Available Color Temperatures: 4500°K, 6500°K, 7500°K
Color Rendering Index: ~85Ra
Available Beam Angles: 50°, 90°, 120°
Typical Life: 60000 hours typical
Power Input: 220/240v, 50/60Hz
Weatherproof Rating: IP33
Weight: 19.7 kg, 43.3 lbs, includes mounting bracket

IES Profiles

PSH0731B - 50° Beam High Bay
PSH0731B - 90° Beam High Bay
PSH0731B - 120° Beam High Bay

Detailed Views

Actual Installations

Cone Lux Levels