LG Warehouse Installation

LG undertook the installation of the plasma lighting systems in a new warehouse located in Yangsan, South Korea. The warehouse had dimensions of 515ft x 300ft for a total floor space of 154500sq ft and had a ceiling height of 40ft. The target floor lumination was 250 lux. The lighting simulation showed a requirement of 266 units of 400 watt metal halide lamps or 102 units of 700 watt plasma lamps, model PSH0731B to achieve the illumination targets. After doing a site inspection and cost analysis, the decision was made to go with plasma lamps for the superior colors, immense cost savings and even illumination.

Luminaire Positions

Simulated Illumination Levels

Initial Fixed Costs

400w Metal Halide Lamps: 700w Plasma Lamps:
Part # of Units Cost Total Cost Part # of Units Cost Total Cost
Bulb 266 $50 $13300 Luminaire 102 $1500 $153000
Ballast 266 $60 $15960  
Fixture 266 $100 $26600  
  Subtotal $55860   Subtotal $153000
Installation Labor Costs 266 $50 $13300 Installation Labor Costs 102 $50 $5100
  Initial Cost $69160   Initial Cost $158100

Installation labor costs is calculated at $50 per fixture, which takes into consideration the time to install, lift equipment and the wiring involved in installing these fixtures. Initial fixed costs came out to be $158100 for the plasma lamps compared to $69160 for metal halide lamps, a difference of $88940. The cost of plasma lamps might seem high at first, but keep in mind energy costs and maintenance costs are far more important and that's where you'll see the tremendous savings with plasma lamps, as shown in the charts below. Note, the plasma fixtures prices are high estimates and are available at a lower price. The metal halide lamps are current retail prices.

Energy Costs

400w Metal Halide Lamps: 700w Plasma Lamps:
Watts per Fixture 460w Watts per Fixture 730w
Color Rendering Index 60~65 Color Rendering Index 80~85
# of Units 266 # of Units 102
Power Consumption 122360w Power Consumption 74460w
Cost per kWh $0.15 Cost per kWh $0.15
Hours per Day 15 Hours per Day 15
Days per Year 300 Days per Year 300
Annual Power Consumption 550620kWh Annual Power Consumption 335070kWh
Annual Energy Costs $82593 Annual Energy Costs $50260
  Annual Energy Savings $32333

The LG warehouse is a distribution facility and required the lights to be on for 15 hours a day, 300 days out of the year, or roughly 6 out of 7 days a week. The 460w figure for the metal halide lamps include the power used by the ballast. The annual energy savings is obvious with plasma lamps. A total of $32333 is saved annually, which pays off for the price difference in the initial fixed costs within 2.7 years. But wait, there's more! Plasma lamps require less maintenance because the bulbs do not dim with age and the parts last longer, see the below chart for details.

Maintenance Costs

400w Metal Halide Lamps: 700w Plasma Lamps:
Bulb Life 10000 hours Magnetron Life 30000 hours
Ballast Life 30000 hours  
Hours on per Year 4500 Hours on per Year 4500
Hours per 10 Years 45000 Hours per 10 Years 45000
Bulb Replacements in 10 Years 4.5 Magnetron Replacements in 10 Years 1.5
Ballast Replacements in 10 Years 1.5  
# of Bulbs Replaced 1197 # of Magnetrons Replaced 153
# of Ballasts Replaced 399  
Replacement Parts Cost $83790 Replacement Parts Cost $45900
Bulb Replacement Labor Costs $29925 Magnetron Replacement Labor Costs $3825
Ballast Replacement Labor Costs $9975  
Ten Year Labor Costs $39900 Ten Year Labor Costs $3825
Ten Year Parts Cost $83790 Ten Year Parts Cost $45900
Ten Year Energy Costs $825930 Ten Year Energy Costs $502600
Ten Year Total Operating Costs $949620 Ten Year Total Operating Costs $552330
Annual Total Operating Costs $94962 Annual Total Operating Costs $55233
  Annual Total Savings $39729
  Price Difference Payoff Time 2.23 Years

Though metal halide bulbs might be rated for 20000 hours, lumen depreciation within the first 10000 hours drops by 30%. Bulb orientation can also have a substantial effect on the bulb life and brightness. We used a figure of $25 per part replacement for the labor costs. Once we factor in the maintenance costs, the savings are even greater. Total costs to operate the plasma lamps annually is only $55233 compared to $94962 for metal halide. This is an annual savings of $39729, which means the initial price difference of $58340 between plasma and metal halide will be paid off in just 2.23 years!

Keep in mind these energy costs are calculated under the assumption energy prices remain the same during the 10 years. History has proven that energy costs will always rise with time so the payback time might be quicker than the figures shown above. 1197 metal malide bulbs and the 60000mg of mercury that those bulbs would have contained were saved from the landfills by going with plasma lamps. Note the lower color rendering index of 60~65Ra with the metal halide lamps compared to 80~85Ra with the plasma lamps. The savings and benefits are obvious.

Picture of Final Installation