Product Listing


PSH0731B - 700w Indoor Lamp

This luminaire is ideal for use in shopping malls, large homes, factories, warehouses, aircraft hangers, indoor sporting arenas and any large indoors space with a ceiling height greater than 15 feet.


PSF1032A - 1000w Outdoor Lamp

For use in outdoor areas where weatherproofing is needed, perfect for stadiums for a variety of sports, golf courses, night-time ski resorts, parks, and use as decorative spot lights with the optional color filters.


PSR0331A - 300w Street Lamp

The best streetlamp, period. Long life, full color spectrum, high CRI, best lumens to watt ratio, this just made LED streetlamps obsolete.


PSP0731A - 700w Pedestrian Lamp

An ideal luminaire for campuses, parks and upscale downtown districts, with an elegance that will bring class to anywhere it's installed.


PSE0731A - 700w Light Pipe

Perfect for illuminating parking garages, indoor swimming pools, and areas where high humidity or flammable substances can restrict installation of other conventional lighting sources.